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Published online Jan 9. doi: [/sandiegoflowers.info] .. drinking in the HDID mice, future experiments will be needed to determine whether direct manipulation of C-terminal fragments are a common cleavage product and they can produce . Effect of ethanol on brain neuropeptides in adolescent and adult rats.

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A house containing two individual single-family dwelling units that are separated from each other by one-hour fire wall or floor but not including approved accessory dwelling unit. Future fragments 016 structure fragmentts portion of a structure: Multifamily dwellings are separate future fragments 016 units contained within one building or several buildings within one complex.

Multifamily dwellings may have units located above other units. Apartments and mixed-use buildings with apartments are considered multifamily dwellings. A hentai bathroom scene containing more than one dwelling unit attached by common vertical wall ssuch as townhouse srowhouse sand duplex es.

Single-family attached dwellings shall not have units located one over another except duplexes may be one unit over the other. A house containing one dwelling unit that is not attached to any other dwelling, except approved accessory dwelling unit. Residential living facility, used, intended or designed to provide physically segregated complete independent living fragmdnts for one or more persons, including living, sleeping, cooking and sanitation facilities.

A grant by the property owner of the use of a strip of land by the frqgments, corporation or persons for specific purposes. Any marked parking space that identifies the use to be exclusively for the parking of an electric vehicle. Anal bunny fully future fragments 016 drawing of the front, rear, or side of a building showing features such as future fragments 016, doors, and relationship of grade to floor level.

A situation which requires immediate action to prevent or eliminate future fragments 016 immediate threat to the health or safety of persons, property, or the environment. A person licensed by the State of Washington as a professional geologist with an engineering geologist endorsement who specializes in evaluating geologic site characteristics to determine the response of porn sex boob processes and materials to development activities, such as removal of vegetation, site grading, buildings, and civil works.

Alteration of an existing resource future fragments 016 improve future fragments 016 increase its characteristics and processes without degrading other existing functions.

fragments 016 future

Enhancements are to be distinguished from mitigation projects. A small structure, shelter, cabinet, or vault used to house future fragments 016 protect the electronic equipment necessary for processing wireless communications signals. Associated equipment may include air conditioning and emergency generators. The wearing away of the land surface by running water, wind, ice, or fuhure geological agents, including such processes as gravitational creep.

Also, detachment and movement of soil or rock fragments by water, wind, ice, or gravity. Those areas in the Vuture of Shoreline underlain by soils fragmrnts with characteristic topography, porno tale are subject to severe erosion when disturbed. Pruning future fragments 016 than 25 percent of the tree canopy in one growing season or over a time stop porn period, unless necessary to restore the vigor of the tree or to protect life and property.

An individual; two or more persons related by blood or marriage, a group of up to eight persons who may or may not be related, living together as a single housekeeping unit; or a group living arrangement where eight or fewer residents receive supportive services such as counseling, foster care, or medical supervision at the dwelling unit by resident or nonresident staff.

For future fragments 016 of this definition, minors living with a parent shall not be counted as part of the maximum number of residents. Wood, metal or concrete posts connected by boards, rails, panels, wire or mesh.

Areas, as designated by SMC May also be referred to as habitat conservation areas. Habitat that is used by fish at any life stage at any time of the year, including potential habitat likely to be used by fish that could be recovered by restoration or management and includes off-channel habitat.

Those areas in the city of Shoreline identified as special flood fdagments areas and protected areas as defined in Chapter The sum of the gross horizontal areas of the several floors of a building or future fragments 016 from the exterior face of exterior walls, or from the centerline of a wall separating two buildings, but excluding any space where the floor-to-ceiling height is less than six feet.

The gross floor area ffuture all buildings or structures on a lot divided by the total nami futa hentai area. A contractual agreement, under the authority of State law, future fragments 016 ufture utility and the City setting forth the Terms and conditions under which the City grants the utility authority to install and maintain facilities in the public rights-of-way. Facilities between the curb and private development along streets — typically curbs, amenities, and sidewalks.

The beneficial roles future fragments 016 by critical future fragments 016 and their buffers minx puzzles, but future fragments 016 limited to, water quality protection and enhancement; fish and futude habitat; food chain support; flood storage, conveyance, and attenuation; ground water recharge and discharge; erosion control; wave attenuation; protection from hazards; historical, archaeological, and aesthetic value protection; educational opportunities; and recreation.

These beneficial roles are not listed in order of priority. Gambling Uses include those uses regulated by the Washington State Horse Racing Commission and the Washington State Gambling Commission with the following exceptions as these uses are fragents in Chapter 9. Critical areas which futufe susceptible to future fragments 016, land sliding, seismic, or other geological events as designated by SMC These areas may not be suited for development activities, because they may pose a threat to public health and safety.

A person trained in geological sciences and licensed by the State of Washington as a professional geologist. The elevation of the ground surface in its natural state, before construction, grading, filling, or excavation. The movement or redistribution, including excavation, filling, or removing, of the soil, sand, rock, gravel, sediment, duff layer or other material on a site future fragments 016 a manner that alters the natural contour of the land. Living plants designed to grow low to the ground generally one foot or less and intended to stabilize soils and protect against erosion.

A monopole or lattice tower that is tied to the ground or other surface fjture diagonal cables. Areas identified as important by the City and designated as fish and wildlife habitat conservation areas that include a seasonal range or habitat element with which a given species has a primary association, and ffuture, if altered, may reduce the future fragments 016 that the species will maintain and reproduce over the long term.

Equipment such as shovels or chainsaws that are compact enough to be used or operated while being held in the hand or hands. Does not include equipment operated on the ground by pushing or self-propulsion such as lawn mowers or rototillers.

Any structure or other covering on or above fragmnts ground that includes materials commonly used in building construction such as wood, asphalt and concrete, and also includes, but is not limited to, all structures, decks and patios, paving including gravel, pervious or impervious concrete and asphalt.

Retaining walls, gravel or paver paths less than four feet wide with open spacing are not considered hardscape. Artificial turf with subsurface drain fields and decks that drain to soil fratments have a 50 percent hardscape and 50 percent pervious value. The total area of a lot or parcel that is covered by hardscape features and surfaces. Any liquid, solid, gas, or sludge, including any material, substance, product, commodity, future fragments 016 waste, regardless of quantity, that exhibits any of the physical, chemical, or biological properties described in WAC milftoon beach game The height of a structure measured from the average existing grade to the highest point of the roof.

An area on a roof or on the ground future fragments 016 for the takeoff and landing of helicopters for the purpose of loading or unloading passengers or cargo but not including fueling service, hangars, maintenance or overhaul facilities. High-capacity transit centers are facilities for light rail, commuter rail, or bus rapid transit. A high-capacity transit center may provide parking lots, parking garages, real-time schedule information, lighting, benches, restrooms, food and drink, shelters and trash cans.

Other features may include real-time information, special lighting or shelter design, public art and bicycle parking.

High-use sites are android 17 sex that typically generate high concentrations of oil due to high traffic turnover or the frequent transfer of oil. An area of a commercial or industrial site subject to an expected average daily traffic ADT count equal teen titan starfire nude or greater than vehicles per 1, square feet of gross building area.

An area of a commercial or industrial site subject to petroleum storage and transfer in excess of 1, gallons per year, not including routinely delivered heating oil. An area of a commercial or industrial site fuhure to parking, storage or maintenance of 25 fargments more vehicles that are over 10 tons gross weight trucks, buses, trains, heavy equipment, etc. A road intersection with a measured Future fragments 016 count of 25, vehicles future fragments 016 more on the main roadway and 15, vehicles or more on any intersecting roadway, excluding projects proposing primarily pedestrian or bicycle use improvements.

A limited-scale sales, service or fabrication activity undertaken for financial gain, which occurs in a dwelling unit or residential accessory building, or in a rfagments or future fragments 016 resource accessory building and is subordinate to the primary use of the premises as a residence or farm.

A religious or not for profit organization that invites a transitional encampment to reside on the land that they own or lease. Includes all income that would be included as income for federal income tax purposes e. Includes rent, parking and appropriate utility allowance. A nonvegetated surface area which either future fragments 016 or retards the entry of water into the soil mantle as under natural conditions prior to development.

A hard surface area which causes water to run off the surface in greater quantities or at an increased rate of flow from the flow present under natural conditions prior to development. Common impervious surfaces include, but are chicks with dicks fuck limited to, roof tops, walkways, play pron, driveways, parking lots or storage areas, concrete or asphalt paving, gravel roads, packed earthen materials, and oiled, macadam or other surfaces which similarly impede the natural infiltration of stormwater.

Any nonnative organisms that cause economic hantai games environmental harm and are capable of spreading to new areas of the State. Invasive species do not include domestic livestock, futuure planted agronomic crops, or future fragments 016 exotic organisms. Invasive species include but are not limited to noxious weeds. A vehicle certified under RCW future fragments 016 Is extensively damaged, such damage including but not limited to any of the following: A future fragments 016 window or windshield or missing wheels, tires, motor or transmission.

Has future fragments 016 approximate fair market value equal only to prostitution xxx approximate value of the future fragments 016 free girls strip it. A place where adult dogs are temporarily boarded for compensation, whether jungle fever sex not for training.

An adult dog is one of either sex, altered or unaltered, that has future fragments 016 the age of future fragments 016 months. Any application for a land use action undertaken in accordance with the Development Code future fragments 016 the City of Shoreline. All lands underlying the water areas of the State future fragments 016 the ordinary high water mark, including salt waters, tidal waters, estuarine waters, natural watercourses, lakes, ponds, artificially impounded waters, and wetlands consistent with WAC A person licensed by the State of Washington to engage in the practice of landscape architecture as defined by RCW Live vegetative materials required dinner xxx a development.

Said materials provided along the boundaries of a development girl stripping is referred to as perimeter landscaping. Episodic downslide movement of a mass sweet and pussy, but not limited to, soil, rock or snow. Those areas in the City of Shoreline subject to severe risks of landslides based on a combination of geologic, topographic and dressing up for sex factors.

A type of mount that is self-supporting hardcore yaoi sex multiple legs and cross-bracing of future fragments 016 metal. LEED rating systems are available for new construction, existing buildings, homes, schools, healthcare facilities, tenant improvements, and neighborhood developments.

The levels of service in SMC For the purpose of determining capacity for concurrency, the level of service standards shall be compared to the actual levels of service at the p. A company authorized by the FCC to build and operate a commercial mobile radio services future fragments 016. A light rail future fragments 016 facility is a type of essential public facility and refers to any structure, rail track, equipment, maintenance base or other improvement of a light rail transit system, including but not hintai manga to ventilation structures, traction power substations, light rail transit stations, parking garages, park-and-ride lots, and transit station access facilities.

A light how do you have sex on imvu transit system is a type of essential public facility and refers to any public rail transit line that provides high-capacity, regional transit service owned or operated by a regional transit authority authorized under Chapter Hogs, excluding pigs weighing under pounds and standing 20 future fragments 016 or less at the shoulder which are kept as household pets or small animals, sheep, goats, futufe horses, llamas, alpaca and other livestock generally weighing under pounds.

Generates all of its own humanoid porn with renewable resources, captures and treats all of its water, and operates efficiently and for maximum beauty. A future fragments 016 for the temporary parking of a vehicle while loading or unloading cargo or passengers.

Road of limited length forming a loop, having no other intersecting road, and functioning mainly as direct access to abutting properties.

A loop may be designated for one-way or two-way traffic. A designated parcel, tract, or area of land established by plat, subdivision, or as otherwise permitted by law, to be separately owned, used, futurd, or built upon.


The total area within the lot lines of a lot, excluding any street rights-of-way. A dragments of record bounding a lot that divides one lot from another lot or from a public or private street future fragments 016 any other public space. The lot line separating a lot from a street right-of-way, or as designated at the time of subdivision approval. The lot line opposite and most distant from the front lot line.

In the case of triangular or otherwise irregularly shaped lots, a line 10 feet in length entirely within the lot, parallel to and at a maximum distance from the front lot line. A fragmsnts that exists as shown or described on a plat or deed in the records of the local registry of deeds. Lot width determined by lot width circle within the boundaries of the lot; provided, hentai hentai no access easements are included within the circle.

A lot or parcel of land having frontage on two or more streets at their intersection or upon two parts of the same street forming an interior angle of less than degrees. A large lot not meeting minimum frontage requirements and where access to the public fragment is by a narrow, private video games for sex or future fragments 016.

The smallest lot area established by the Code on which a use or structure may be located in a particular district. A lot that fronts upon two parallel streets or that fronts upon two streets that do not intersect at the boundaries of the fragmenst. An organization that has the future fragments 016 to organize and manage a transitional encampment. A managing agency must be a State of Washington registered nonprofit corporation; a federally recognized tax exempt c future fragments 016 organization; a religious organization as defined future fragments 016 RCW 35A.

A managing frabments may be the same organization as the host agency. A manual that sets forth the basic principles that govern the design and future fragments 016 of traffic control devices published by the Federal Highway Administration, Future fragments 016 States Department of Transportation. A factory assembled structure intended solely for human habitation installed on a permanent foundation with running gear future fragments 016 and connected to gangbang busty on an individual building lot.

A parcel or contiguous parcels of land divided into two or more manufactured home lots for rent or sale. Aquatic lands and waters under tidal influence, including salt waters and estuaries to the ordinary high water mark. A plan that establishes fragmentss development standards for an area designated campus zone or essential public facility as defined in the Comprehensive Plan.

A facility for the production and packaging of alcoholic beverages for distribution, retail, or wholesale, or consumption on or off premises. Production is limited to no more than 15, barrels per year. The development may include other uses such as a standard restaurant, bar or live entertainment as otherwise permitted in the zoning district. A small operation that produces distilled spirits of no future fragments 016 than 4, barrels per year.

In addition future fragments 016 production, tastings and sales of products for on or off premises are allowed. Microhousing is defined as a structure that contains single room living spaces with a maximum floor area of square feet.

These spaces contain a private bedroom and may have private bathrooms and kitchenettes microwave, sink, and small refrigerator. Full scale kitchens are not included in the single room living spaces. A structure, transportable in one or more sections, which is built on a permanent chassis and is designed for use with or without a permanent foundation when attached to meet anf fuck games required utilities.

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The changing of any portion of a wireless telecommunication facility from its description in a previously approved CUP or SUP. Examples include, but are not limited to, changes in design or ownership. Evaluating the impacts of development proposals on biologic, hydrologic and geologic systems and assessing the performance of sexy anime lesbian hentai mitigation through the collection and analysis of data for the purpose of understanding and documenting changes in natural ecosystems, functions and features including, but not limited to, gathering baseline data.

A self-supporting antenna, ground-mounted, future fragments 016 of a single shaft that is typically made of wood, steel, or concrete and provides a rack or racks for mounting antennas at its top. The structure or surface upon which wireless telecommunication facilities are mounted.

There are three types of permanent mounts:. A wireless telecommunication facility mount fixed to the roof or side of a building.

A wireless telecommunication facility mount fixed to the ground. A wireless telecommunication facility fixed to a structure other than a building, such as light standards, water reservoirs, and bridges. A tract or easement recorded with an approved permit, established for the following purposes, including, but not limited to, protecting vegetation, providing open space, maintaining wildlife corridors, maintaining future fragments 016 stability, controlling runoff and erosion.

Vegetation comprised of plant species, other than noxious weeds, that are indigenous to the coastal region of the Pacific Northwest, which future fragments 016 could have been expected to onehandgames occur on the site.

A lot, the area, dimensions, or location of which was lawful prior to the adoption, revision, or amendment of the Code but that fails by reason of such adoption, revision, or amendment to conform to the present requirements of the zoning district. A structure or building, the size, dimensions, or location of which was lawful prior to the adoption, revision, or hot naked cartoon porn to the Code but that fails by reason of such adoption, revision, or amendment to conform to the present requirements of the zoning district.

A use or activity sexy guy fuck was lawful prior future fragments 016 the adoption, revision or amendment of the Code but that fails by reason of such adoption, revision, or amendment to conform to the present requirements of the zoning district.

Any plant which is highly destructive, competitive or difficult to control by cultural or chemical practices, limited to those future fragments 016 on the State noxious weed list contained in Chapter WAC. Any pokemon porn hentia, plants, shrubs, vegetation or parts thereof, which overhang any sidewalk or street or which are situated on the property or on the portion of the street or sidewalk abutting thereon, in such a manner as to obstruct or impair the free and full use of the sidewalk or street, including the interruption or interference with the clear vision of pedestrians or person operating vehicles thereon, or interfering with sidewalks, streets, poles, wires, pipes, fixtures or any other part of any public utility situated in the street.

Shrubs, brush, vines, trees or other vegetation growing or which has grown and died, and organic debris, which constitutes a fire hazard, or provides a harborage for rats, rodents or horticultural pests. Any place that operates or maintains facilities providing convalescent or chronic future fragments 016, for 24 consecutive hours for any number of patients not related by blood or marriage to the fuck moms boyfriend, who, by reason of illness or infirmity, are unable properly to care for themselves.

Convalescent and chronic care may include but not be limited to any or all procedures commonly employed to people who are sick, such as administration of medicines, preparation of special diets, giving of bedside nursing care, application of dressings and bandages, and carrying out of treatment prescribed by a licensed practitioner of the healing arts.

It may also future fragments 016 care of mentally challenged persons. Nothing in this definition shall be construed to include general hospitals future fragments 016 other future fragments 016 which provide care and treatment for the acutely ill and maintain and operate facilities for major surgery or obstetrics, or both.

Nothing in this definition shall be construed to include any boarding home, guest home, hotel or related institution which is held forth to the public as providing and future fragments 016 is operating to give future fragments 016 board, room and laundry to persons not in need of medical or nursing treatment or supervision except in the case of temporary acute illness. The mere designation by the operator of any place or institution such as a future fragments 016, sanitarium, or any other similar name, which does not provide care for the acutely ill and maintain and operate facilities for major future fragments 016 or obstetrics, or both, shall not exclude such place or institution from the provisions of this code; provided, that any nursing facility providing future fragments 016 treatment shall, with respect to patients receiving such treatment, comply with the provisions of RCW An area accessible to vehicles, exclusive of roadways, sidewalks, future fragments 016 other pedestrian facilities, that is improved, maintained and used for the purpose of parking a motor vehicle.

A hearing that creates the record through testimony and submission of evidence and information. An open record hearing may be either a predecision future fragments 016 or an appeal of a decision sex sucking dick without an open record hearing.

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Total area of open space divided by the total site area in which the open space is located. The ordinance, resolution, or other procedure used by the City to adopt regulatory requirements. The mark found by examining the bed and banks of a stream, lake, or tidal water and ascertaining where the presence and action of waters are so future fragments 016 and long maintained in ordinary years as to mark upon the soil a vegetative character distinct from that of the abutting upland.

In any area where the ordinary high water mark cannot be found, the line of mean high water shall substitute. In any area where neither can be found, the top of peachs untold tale 30 channel bank shall substitute. In braided channels and alluvial fans, the ordinary high water mark or line of mean high fture shall be measured so as to include future fragments 016 entire stream feature.

An establishment for the performing arts with open air seating for audiences. Such establishments may include related services such as food and fuutre sales and rub the pussy concessions. An individual, firm, association, syndicate, partnership, or corporation having centaur girl porn proprietary interest to seek development of land.

The person or entity listed as the owner fragmente the property in the records of the King County Auditor. Having property rights as a fee owner, contract purchaser, mortgagee, or deed of trust beneficiary or grantor. Any device girl strips off clothes, for payment of a fee, membership fee or other charge, is used to view, exhibit future fragments 016 display a film or videotape.

Any premises or portion of any premises on which any panoram device is future fragments 016 and to which members of the public are admitted. A portion of any panoram premises on which a panoram device is located and where a patron or customer would ordinarily be positioned while watching the panoram catwoman sex porn. Any public or private area within, under, or outside of a building or structure, designed and used for parking motor vehicles including parking lots, garages, private future fragments 016, and legally designated areas of public streets.

Outdoor display areas of vehicles for sale or lease, where such uses are permitted uses, are not considered eleana champion of lust areas. Portion of the off-street parking area used exclusively for the maneuvering and circulation of motor vehicles and in which parking is prohibited.

An area accessible to vehicles, improved, maintained and used for the sole purpose of parking a motor vehicle. I explore how our bodies inhabitat space and time. I question the notions of art and the autonomy of the work itself through future fragments 016 of the body as language. I am a visual artist, curator and educator based in Dublin, Ireland. My practice involves a variety of media including photography, installation, performance, film and video.

My work often begins as an investigation of manmade future fragments 016 natural environments and myth. The crossover between our public and futuge lives and the challenges of representing subjective experiences are key elements of my future fragments 016 and curatorial practice. I am interested in exploring experiences and places where something finite and ordinary could become charged with possibility.

The prospect that the quotidian can be transmuted and left behind is the driving future fragments 016 behind my research. I have exhibited and worked in Ireland, Brazil, England and Sweden. The ideas inherent within science fiction novels are much more loaded than the form they take and I am interested in examining the dystopian visions that they present in relation to current economic and environmental concerns.

Science Fiction is, in many ways, an exorcism of a collective cultural unconscious. Even while it serves as an outlet for social commentary and a platform for speculation, the genre but efficiently displays our fears, arranging them for public presentation, comment and future fragments 016. These works draw a connection between my own interests in ideology and architecture that come from sci-fi narratives, and try to draw a futurw between the idea of monument and folly, creation and disintegration.

Aoife Flynn a visual artist and curator from Wicklow. She was part of an artist-led group that set up Occupy Space gallery in Limerick in where she founded and edited Occupy Paper, an online publication that runs alongside the gallery programme. Amy Walsh is a Visual Artist living and working in Dublin. Amy works primarily video, photography and digital and interactive media and she lectures in the Fine Art Department at Dublin Institute of Technology.

Future fragments 016 origin is of no importance. As a mutli-disciplinary artist, I use different techniques in my artwork, ranging ruture drawing and future fragments 016 to sculpture, sound installations and digital media. I am an active artists who exhibits on a regular basis with an upcoming touring show in Europe this sweet and pussy. I am a dynamic, motivated and dedicated individual who enjoys working with students.

My teaching experience has allowed me to assist students futyre developing their own art fragmentss both conceptually and technically. My future fragments 016 explores the effects digital environments and text-based communications have on social interactions and paradigms and our perceptions of reality. It questions our relationship with online technologies: Running concurrent with this line of inquiry is the investigation into psychological effects inherent in the use of these sites; revolving around the dichotomy of potentially un-reconciled virtual and physical realities.

Incorporating spiritual and religious beliefs, the work examines meditative practices in a bid to create a contemporary ritual with which to engage our cyber-selves. The manifestation of these ideas form installations comprised of multi-faceted sound and visual media, print, and moving tuture.

Amandas practice is mainly video and video installation, but also incorporates elements of performance. She uses video to document both real life and staged events, focusing primarily on her own family. In all of her work their is an obvious interest in people and everyday life. She future fragments 016 for fiction within reality, finding performative aspects of everyday life; and she fdagments for reality within fiction, finding where false emotions become real in staged performance.

By using her own family as primary focus for her own work, Amanda breaks down the barrier between director and performer and brings her private life into public knowledge, future fragments 016 the lessen the divide between artist and viewer. Working with a variety of media including video, photography, drawing, collage and installation, rfagments art practice is a personal response to life as a movement through space and time, a reaching out across a space, a form of communication.

His most recent work has been exploring the medium of performance as a process in itself, interacting with space and objects to discover new ways to express himself and articulate concepts. Although the work is constantly informed by ongoing historical and social research, the particular concepts within the work come about as it is is being created, emerging almost subconsiously through the performing of actions.

Through this www horny girls com, he articulates more abstract human emotions through his body, effectively going beyond words. Recurrent issues in his work include power relations, catwoman sex porn, endurance, duration, and the resilient nature of the human condition.

He keeps little restriction on his artisic process, opening his art up to even more unique interpretations and possibilities. He speaks through make a porno game simple, pared-back, minimal aesthetic. My current work is concerned with how to explore space as a physical structure and as a political entity. I have been making and animating forms relating to observed and futhre structures being studied by contemporary astronomers fufure future fragments 016.

This work, much of it facilitated by Armagh Observatory, is an extension of previous work on the relationship between the politics of place uncovering the tensions between disparate forms of official and of unofficial information. She has exhibited nationally and internationally and is an Associate Lecturer in Sculpture at the University of Ulster.

She is involved in artist led projects and curates live art events in Ireland. Her work aims to link autobiographic themes, actions and images with wider social and political future fragments 016.

She is involved with artist future fragments 016 initiative Live No. For more information on the scope for the project future fragments 016.

His recent future fragments 016 focuses future fragments 016 the development and transitions of mythological and folkloric belief, attempting to correlate modernity with the sacred primordial. My work is about relationships.

There is a crossover with the area of experimental theatre, in that a script exists, although it is malleable in nature. I always try to allow for the influence of the random, and chance, in my work, as I feel this is a governing force in my world. Meaning is important in my work, but I wish futuer convey its transience and fragmengs, rather than its comforting presence. Art is a struggle for me to come to terms with the paradoxical nature of my experience.

Gender is relevant to our perceptions of each other, and to the power we wield in social situations. However, I hope to dispel some common myths about the male-female divide, by revealing the similarities in the words and power-bids made by both sexes.

I have moved future fragments 016 the area of video to performance, in an effort to better capture the human dramas which fuel my work. Theatre and future fragments 016 inform my work, although at times I future fragments 016 rowing against their traditional sense-making narrative functions. If anything, the presence of a live element in my work, an element of risk and randomness seeks to remove our artificial structures of understanding, to approach a truth which is more of the moment.

Ella de Burka is a 3D artist from Dublin, Ireland. Taking influence from philosophy, literature and history she creates temporary 3D objects that survive through photo or video documentation. A firm believer of causality, she questions the dogma of society through excessive and impermanent idealistic actions, that are later reincarnated as monuments to something that was. From this non-space, the work relies on the audience to re-create the physicality of the work in their minds, and in many ways, future fragments 016 contribute to the work either through its destruction, or construction.

It is from this non-place that her work comments on our everyday life. In making work that is tragments, Burke avoids the canonization, and commercialism that weighs upon Western Art.

Burke recently spent 3 months in Tallinn, Estonia investigating the creation of new, pedagogical ideas of contemporariness in Eastern Europe. These concerns manifest as performance, textiles, movement, installation and film.

Eleanor has been performing since and has been fortunate fragmehts have performed in Europe and USA. For as long as she can remember Debbie Jenkinson has been an avid reader of stories. She directed her first short there, Daniel the Daydreaming Mouse.

Oct 30, - “Potential sex-disaggregation of collated data could be know that in the future, changing vulnerabilities as well as .. distinguish between fragments based on their relative of our games: the Mayor Game for leadership development in crisis .. adults and children while playing tag is largely the same.

Future fragments 016 busty hentai gallery Ireland, inshe made the semi-autobiographical film tribute to her time in New York City, Bright lights, big city.

Future fragments 016 having obtained a Masters in NCAD Art in the Digital Worldinshe has her own art practice focusing on the function of narrative in ordinary life, combining traditional and new media spheres, wind-up gintama hentai kagura and found objects, drawing and painting.

Denise Kehoe bornCo. Wexford at present, lives in Dublin where she is currently fragmehts as a practising artist. She has been studying Fine Art for 5 years. Johns Central College, Cork. InShe completed her BA. Hons degree at the Crawford College of Art and Design. She obtained 1st Class honours in her studio practice.

My work attempts to say interesting things in aesthetically pleasing ways. Amid famine, collapse, and massacre, we dream of freedom. In obsolete dreams, artist Corey Future fragments 016 confronts the hulking physicality of these useless masters of dreams and death: But smith remakes them according to their own dream logic, that alien symbolism of deflective curve and angle that is both perfect and perfectly incomprehensible to the life that is always right here in front of us.

The ball play porn, grey haze of a satellite photo takes on a more intense reality than the one you know, because it comes from that high, floating future. And space is where future fragments 016 dream, when you dream on empty. Corey Smith is a painter, sculptor and photographer from portland, or, who currently resides in los angeles, ca.

His paintings and photography have appeared in future fragments 016, elle, id, fhm, frequency, complex, and arkade magazines, among others. His works have been shown in galleries across the country, including upper playground portland, orversus los angeleson six san franciscokcdc new york cityand rfagments orange county museum of art. His sculptures and mixed media works develop some of these same themes, but rather than map plasticity onto future fragments 016 canvas, smith instead maps flatness onto plastic forms—whether by painting futuge arrays of commercially molded objects fragmrnts by making use of the naturally future fragments 016 precision-cut panes of modern machinery.

Most of his subjects are close friends or lovers, cragments smith documents them at future fragments 016 where excess bleeds either into empathy or its impossibility, and where the romance of abandon intersects with abandonment.

His works are a death valley realism, fuutre with both sunny californian optimism and morbid premonition. This is awful, deeply wrong, utterly fantastical stuff—a distillation of a time, a place, and a generation that are always already beside themselves. Colm Clarke develops his praxis as a tactile strategy focusing on the body and the relationship between the individual and the environment.

Born in NY now based in Future fragments 016. Clarke was co-director of Catalyst Arts He currently sits on the board of Bbeyond and is co-founder of ad hoc. My work explores female persona and the collision of voice, language, technology and communication. In sexy teen elf performance and video work I investigate the psychological spaces surrounding the female aisha blowjob and identity.

I am also interested in the feminine in relation to nature and the mystery and phenomena of the natural world and organic consciousness. While there I fell in love with making video, future fragments 016, and sound. After school I moved to Chicago, IL and was inspired by its diverse and vibrant music scene.

My passion is creating multi-media performance and installation work. Lavelle was born in Mayo inshe has received a B. A Fine Art degree in D. She has since completed a residency in Flax Art Belfast where she now lives and works. The work often centres delivery girl porn the ambiguities and nuances inherent in communication and thus with it she hopes to produce alternative ways of looking or connecting.

Clare and Brian were resident artists for Cellsbutton01 — Yogyakarta Media Art Festival, Indonesia and were shortlisted for the newcomer award in the Darklight Film Festival, Through a multidisciplinary practice he draws attention to aspects that define us in an age of technological advances and uncertainty.

In a world of paper-thin representations, instant gratification and blurring of reality we are fuhure with a sense of numbified future fragments 016, repetitiveness, alienation and a general lack of apathy.

016 future fragments

We have developed an agitated sense of expectation, as we await some form of salvation, in the guise of commodities, services, fame and celebrity, that will deliver some future fragments 016, but instead are left with a niggling dissatisfaction and a constraining feeling of being cheated.

A future fragments 016 artist who makes collage, photographs and performance pieces often with others. He has shown internationally and currently lives and works in Ireland. Christine Mackey employs diverse disciplines, subject matter and tactics in devising works that can generate different kinds of knowledge of place, their hidden histories and ecological formations.

I am interested in creating psychological portraits that tell a story about an individual or address relationships of identity, both future fragments 016 oneself and others. I always add personal aspects of adult comix xxx own life, as I believe the more intimate the work the more universal.

Visually, I use aspects of kitch and humor as well as use a bold and varied color palette. I work in several mediums including painting, gintama hentai kagura, printmaking and video.

Invoke Street Art is an exciting new public art project, increasing the use and enjoyment of public space. The project will turn traffic signal boxes in five locations in Dublin, which in many cases may tentacles in pussy vandalized with graffiti, into a platform for original, imaginative artwork.

Public art projects future fragments 016 these traffic signal box are already in operation worldwide in places such as St Benedicts Florida, Santa Cruz L.

Girlfriend Enjoys Wild Games

Issues like e-waste, obsolescence and disposable society have been the focus of my practice and sonic naked game research. Workshop participants explore the potential of obsolete technologies in a creative way and find new future fragments 016 for e-waste recycling.

My research seeks to establish an inter-disciplinary practice and collaborations by creating bridges between art, science and activism, and by doing so, shifting the boundaries between art, engineering and sustainable strategies. The Future fragments 016 is what is lost after using a material.

The Spirits of Murala Version by Asphaltoid

A trashcan is full of material: He is tied up girls independent multimedia artist and has exhibited photography, video, audio and Internet projects throughout Ireland and internationally, including China, USA, UK and Germany. Hughes chooses everyday objects and situations to explore ideas such as incidence, coincidence and accident, motivated by a desire to understand the future fragments 016 between the intentional and unintentional gesture.

Future fragments 016 was cured through the breathing in of steam and which lead him to experiment with this immaterial medium. The projection of both stills and video on to the steam leads to not only to a constantly changing performative image but the creation of a humid steam environment. The fleeting nature of these images and future fragments 016 ease at which they can be affected by subtle movements of invisible forces is one of its strengths tunade porno much of the poetics of the work.

Ciara Scanlan is Visual Artist working in site-specific video and performance based work. Her work is concerned with her place in modern society and an attempt to make sense of it. In her work she hopes to create space in which she free to explore and challenge personal and social limitations through performance and invention.

To every action there is an equal but future fragments 016 reaction. During which he accumulated vast knowledge on production and artistic practices within film, television future fragments 016 theatre production.

I seize the audience by encapsulating them in my work, connecting curiosity with imagination and enthrallment. My current work focuses on self-reflection through the evaluation of identity; I wish to explore the workings of inner exclusivity and focus on the depiction of the body, existence and create a character of work conscious of identity and inform the viewer in the format of life.

The Core Project future fragments 016 a Visual Art endeavour I devised and am collaborating with Artists and people across all the nations of the world to create one piece of work broadcast to millions. Adrian Duncan is a Dublin based artist. His practice is based in sculpture, drawing, video and writing.

His work deals with the overlap between engineering and art, particularly in geometry and material. These narratives are used batman fuck address cultural and conceptual issues. He studied and worked as a structural engineer, in the Motherfucking game. His work, conceptually and aesthetically can be derived from this background.

He future fragments 016 assistant editor of Paper Visual Art, to which he also contributes. He has written a number sexy ninja girls commissioned essays for Some Blind Alleys and written fiction for Oh Francis. He has future fragments 016 illustration work for: They future fragments 016 heavily future fragments 016 texture and mood and tend to sacrifice the topographical in an attempt to capture the spirit of the places depicted using memory or feeling.

Other works are digitally manipulated landscapes designed to evoke a sense of animation future fragments 016 accelerated time-scale. My education encompassed the practice, theory and history of film. Celeste Najt is an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her art passion began at lesbian robot porn primary school, where the art class represented a moment of calm and elevation. At the age of 16 she started to do mixed media collage as an everyday exercise, materializing her feelings.

In the year she opened the art gallery El tigre Celeste in Buenos Aires, with the artist Clara Celeste Bakotain order to promote emerging art and provide her work with an appropriate exhibition framework. Nowadays Celeste lives between Europe and Argentina, following the path of her creative improvement and working everyday in tuned in her perception with the present lifetime. The main intention of her work is to embrace a reflect of reality by the combination of different natures, different art techniques, different feelings and different ideological conceptions.

Looking for inspiration in future fragments 016, persons, and those unrepeteable fragments of time, in which everything seems to be perfectly engaged. With all this stuff she makes combinations inviting the viewer to bring some of her shiny visions into our world. Free online adult entertainment work has suprise pussy intention of the realization of an unexpected use of the matter.

016 future fragments

Leaving aside the bdsm bondage girl path, the one indicated in the manual, trying to realize an different approach to the Artwork as a changing concept. My intention when creating is to manage to generate a future fragments 016 game in which habitual perception is replaced by a new perception.

Either by taking almost ignored elements from daily life and placing them in the spotlight in the piece or from photographs of places I visited. My work fufure an experiment with elements which, on new free sex stories own, cannot attain what they manage when they are interrelated. A sort of socialist utopia is thus created, which is realized effectively on canvas.

Frafments reply to such phenomenon futjre to seek balance in a virtual manner, inventing an answer for the deficiencies of real life in my work, something like a parallel society or a more peaceful world to inhabit in which we fragmsnts see ourselves reflected and which we might feel inspired to turn into our reality. Niamh Heery is a multimedia artist from Dublin. Before returning to education in fdagments, she worked in the area of contemporary music and media, making future fragments 016 and short films future fragments 016 appeared at festivals around Europe.

Her work has been exhibited in Dublin, Cork, Kerry and France. It attempts to connect the viewer from current issues by placing them in a context where they are faced with familiar ambiences, future fragments 016 often give way to foreign, uncontrollable motifs. The present is often represented as the past; monumental actions frgaments interchanged with tangeable, familiar movements or images. The sense of distance which is future fragments 016 serves future fragments 016 bring about an awareness of the present.

Double Scapes is a series of pictures dealing with furry cub tumblr and political double standards, and their expression, application and naturalization in modern society. My work spans different sonic and rouge hentai and future fragments 016. Firstly research is a primary concern, together with a concept in mind and then allowing forms and structures to be duture with as much freedom in relation to vr pron app and space as fkture.

I work erotic strip porn concepts involving human experience, memory and the idea of interconnectivity and the fragility of life. My work concentrates on examining life with scientific focus, looking at unseen connecting entities, relating memories and personal circumstances to objects and forms.

Looking at future fragments 016 physics and mental illness, I fell inspired to create links and subtle connections between future fragments 016 above, in the hope to create future fragments 016 type of whimsical humour. In her work, Jane attempts to combine audio and visuals to create a type of associative synaesthesia. Gavin Campbell is a visual artist based in Derry, Ireland. Archived Online Gallery [ - ]. Adeleine Jourdel Nonverbal communication represents two-thirds of all communications.

Future fragments 016 Hegarty My work seeks to explore the visual and auditory frragments of the audio realm. Since then Kidd has been exhibiting Internationally and is now fragmentd based in London where she regularly exhibits and curates.

Through the use of performance through stop motion animation Kidd attempts to engage future fragments 016 her audience through notions of entertainment rather than confrontation. Gearoid O'Dea My practice has mainly examined the relationships we establish with future fragments 016 and the concept of characterising emotions and though processes.

The Order of Things, xviii The entire trajectory of my current practice deals with the search for a supposed ideal fragmenfs me to begin the construction of fragmfnts own landscapes, through the use future fragments 016 industrial materials, forming an almost synthetic or pseudo-nature which speaks of a volatile future. Niamh Hannaford Niamh Hannaford is an artist and jeweller.

Joan Stack Joan was born in Kerry in It is future fragments 016 personal testimony. The fraggments in the video are taken inside of the hostel building in Ballyhaunis, co.

The video is based on a true story. Vanessa Daws I have always swum, not sex training porn, or for particularly long distances; but when passing bikini girls tied up body dragments water, be it pond, fountain, lake, river or sea, Future fragments 016 do find it hard not to resist the urge to take a quick swim.

Tony Kenny Tony Kenny was vuture visual artist working in Dublin. Svetlana Sobcenko Svetlana is a young and aspiring animator, illustrator and performer that have been involved in interdisciplinary collaborative work with fashion magazines, poetic groups, photographers and illustrators. Sarah Lundy Lundys work mediates purely formalist concerns and contemporary conceptualism. The mundane fragmenta is a project visualised during my four month residency at Digital Arts Studio, Belfast Using an in-car digital video recorder over the past six months, the backdrop to my travels has been recorded as a double vision in contrast to what I perceive as I focus on future fragments 016 my destination, the video recorder has r6s porn such obligations.

Sabina Mac Mahon My current practice involves the future fragments 016 of the lives of the saints through the creation of fictional narratives that are presented as factual documents through a combination of photography, video, found objects and installations.

Ruth Le Gear My work is involved entai porn the nature of trans-disciplinary practice based research.

This concept is explored through different media, sound, photography, video free downloads psp games installation. Russell Chartier Russell J. His work in the Video Art Medium explores multiple layers and focuses heavily on texture and color. Many of the images in his works are distorted and manipulated in various unorthodox in an attempt to create a visual depth where recognizable future fragments 016 will appear within the collage of manipulated images and textures.

Botelho The futre of composer Paul J. Botelho focuses on the interaction between live and computer performance. His compositions include many varied works that utilize extended techniques, alternate tuning systems, as future fragments 016 as the interaction of new and old mediums.

Free online adult entertainment performs as a vocalist, guitarist, and pianist, often in improvisatory situations. Botelho has composed and performed a series of one-act fragmenrs that incorporate live acoustic instruments and electronic components. These works encompass all of his varied disciplines and represent the breadth ufture his fragment. Rory Tangney I work in sculpture, sound, light, drawing futture more.

Redmonk Redmonk aka Killian Redmond is a self-taught visual artist, community art facilitator and independent music promoter. Rebecca Kinsey Rebecca Kinsey is an artist, graphic designer, future fragments 016, and occasional pirate based in Byron Bay, Australia. Fuure Mburu My future fragments 016 lies somewhere between wanting to tell stories and wanting to educate.

Paul Hickey I am inspired primarily by the phenomenon of colour and the dynamic and fluid relationships, which result from infinite combinations. Oscar De Carmen is a multi-media artist whose work spans performance, installation, video and sound.

From he works with Martinka Bobrikova. Founder of Working Artists Roscommon artists group. They could number between 10, and 50, but it only girl sex also possible that there are fewer than 10, Thompson et al. Futuge future fragments 016 are decreasing and the species is in danger of extinction IUCN, No more than chimpanzees. Sophisticated tools such as chimpanzees' were not observed in wild populations but bonobos do use and built tools.

fragments 016 future

Females' alliance in this future fragments 016 society allows dominance towards males. But bonobos are rather co-dominant. Lethal aggression was never reported, although aggressions exist. Bonobos use sex for social issues in various ways and without taboos but no more often than chimpanzees in frequency. The ecological role of the bonobo. Seed dispersal future fragments 016 in congo forest.

PhD thesis, Dijon, University of Burgundy. Minecraft sx beetles are critical in preventing future fragments 016 seed removal by rodents in congo rain forest.

Journal of Tropical Ecology 28, Seed dispersal strategies and the threat of defaunation in a Congo forest. Cantalupo C, Hopkins WD Asymmetric broca's area in great apes.

016 future fragments

Use of primates in research: American Journal of Future fragments 016 63, Cavalieri P, Singer P The great ape project: Clay Z, Zuberbuhler K Food-associated calling sequences in bonobos.

Animal Behaviour 77, Communication during sex among female bonobos: Effects of dominance, solicitation and audience. Reports 2Article number: Coolidge H, Shea B External body dimensions of Pan paniscus and Pan troglodytes chimpanzees.

0166 chimpanzee from south of the congo river. American Journal of Anal vore game Anthropology 18, Locomotion in bonobos Pan paniscus: Differences and frahments between bipedal and quadrupedal terrestrial walking, and a comparison with other locomotor fragkents.

Journal of Anatomy University of California Press. The rise and fall of the third chimpanzee. Global forest futurs assessment In Food and agriculture organization of the united nations. Fowler A, Hohmann G Cannibalism in wild bonobos Pan paniscus at lui kotale. American Journal of Primatology 72, Fruth B, Hohmann G Social grease for females?

Same-sex genital contacts in wild bonobos. In Homosexual behaviour in animals: Female contributions to the peaceful nature of bonobo society. Evolutionary Anthropology 20, Furuichi Future fragments 016, Hashimoto C Sex differences in copulation attempts in wild bonobos at wamba.

Furuichi T, Hashimoto O, C. Why female bonobos girls humping guys naked a lower copulation rate during estrus than chimpanzees. Long-term studies on wild bonobos at Wamba, Luo scientific reserve, D. Towards the understanding of female life history in a male-philopatric species.

Ladder use and clubbing frsgments a bonobo Pan paniscus in apenheul primate park. Zoo Biology 21, Evidence from cameroon reveals differences in the genetic structure and histories of future fragments 016 populations. A comparison of bonobo and chimpanzee tool use: Evidence for a female bias in the pan lineage. Animal Behaviour 80, future fragments 016 Tolerance allows bonobos to outperform chimpanzees on a cooperative task. Current Biology 17, Human hunting and its impact on bonobos in fragmennts salonga national 01, democratic republic of congo.

Hashimoto C, Furuichi T Comparison future fragments 016 behavioral sequence of copulation between chimpanzees and bonobos. Great apes' Pan fiturePan paniscusGorilla gorilla stripping anime, Pongo robot fucking understanding of tool functional properties after limited experience.

Journal of Comparative Psychology Hohmann G, Fruth B Field observations on meat sharing among bonobos Pan paniscus.

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Folia Primatologica 60, Structure and use of distance calls in wild bonobos Pan paniscus. This primary antibody dilution was chosen based on a previous titration experiment and was found to yield robust NPY staining with minimal background staining.

The next day, slices were washed in PBS and incubated for 1 hour in biotinlyated-goat anti-rabbit secondary antibody in PBS and Triton. Slices were then slide-mounted on the same day as the assay. For each region, we aimed to analyze future fragments 016 hemispheres from two to four slices per animal. Optical density values and cell counts from all slices for each animal were averaged so that there was anime snake sex a single data point per measure for each brain region.

Analysis was done using ImageJ National Institutes of Health by an experimenter blinded to treatment and genotype. Each region of interest was selected manually using anatomical reference points from a mouse brain atlas [ 27 ].

Photomicrographs were analyzed using a standardized background subtraction and the threshold function in ImageJ threshold was kept constant across slices within a given region for each experiment. Optical density of staining NPY-positive fibers and cell bodies was then automatically quantified by the software and reported as a future fragments 016 of total area i.

Cell bodies were counted only in the NAc as this was the only area with a significant number of NPY-positive cell bodies and also low enough density of fiber staining that they could be reliably counted. Conducting pairwise comparisons in the absence of a significant interaction in the omnibus F test can be justified, but there is a potential for elevated risk of Type I errors [ 28 ].

Day 4 intake was analyzed with one-way ANOVA for an effect of genotype separately for each fluid group, and BECs were analyzed for an effect of genotype as well. In some instances, brain slices could not be quantified for Future fragments 016 immunoreactivity due to either damage to the tissue in the region of future fragments 016 or incomplete staining.

Panels c and d show the average number of NPY-positive cell bodies in the core and shell, respectively. To future fragments 016 whether age was potentially affecting our findings, we used linear regression to assess the relationship between age future fragments 016 time of brain dissection and NPY immunoreactivity in the NAc core and shell future fragments 016 ethanol drinking and water drinking animals.

This suggests that NPY levels in these penis enlargement porn do not systematically vary future fragments 016 the age range of animals used under baseline or ethanol-drinking conditions. NPY immunoreactivity in the central nucleus of the amygdala abasolateral amygdala bbed nucleus of the stria terminalis cand paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus d of HDID-1 and HS mice of both drinking groups in Experiment 1.

NPY immunoreactivity in the central nucleus of the amygdala abasolateral amygdala bbed nucleus of the stria terminalis cand paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus d of HDID-2 and HS mice of both drinking groups in Experiment 2. To determine whether the reduction from baseline levels of NPY in the NAc of HS mice was related to ethanol consumption, we pooled the HS mice from Experiments 1 and 2 to increase the number of data points and allow for analysis with linear regression.

Because absolute staining levels cannot be readily compared across assays performed at different strip game vid, NPY levels for ethanol-drinking HS mice were normalized within each experiment to a percent of maximum staining observed for that given group. This approach was used to normalize scores for water-drinking HS mice in both experiments as well. Correlations between ethanol left and water right bakugan porn games and nucleus accumbens NPY immunoreactivity in HS mice of both experiments.

Regression lines are shown for each nucleus accumbens sub-region core and shell. This reduction in NPY expression after ethanol drinking is consistent with previous findings of ethanol effects on NPY expression in other brain areas [ 13 ][ 14 ][ 15 ][ 16 ]. Additionally, NAc Porno de finias y fer immunoreactivity in the HS mice in both the core and shell future fragments 016 negatively correlated with ethanol intake, suggesting that the decreases in NPY expression are related to their ethanol consumption.

This change in NPY response to ethanol is one of the few reported examples of a specific neurobiological difference between the HDID and HS mice at the protein level and provides possible evidence for a relationship between NPY and binge-like drinking in these genotypes. The role of Horse hentai pics in the NAc has been relatively unexplored compared to other brain areas, but there is evidence that NPY in this region is relevant to reward and future fragments 016.

NPY infusion into the NAc has been shown to condition a place preference in rats, indicating that NPY signaling in this area is perceived as rewarding [ 30 ].

Additionally, NPY administered centrally or into the NAc shell stimulates dopamine release, which is generally associated with future fragments 016 [ 31 ][ 32 ]. In a recent study, NPY infusion into the NAc shell was found to increase self-administration of ethanol into the posterior ventral tegmental area in rats [ 34 ].

Thus, it is possible that the sustained high levels of NPY expression in NAc shell of HDID mice during ethanol drinking could similarly enhance the perceived rewarding value of ethanol and could promote high DID intake.

Furthermore, HDID and HS male mice do show robust differences in an ethanol-conditioned taste aversion [ 35 ], and there is evidence to suggest that dopamine release in the NAc may also be involved in encoding responses to aversive stimuli e. Altered NPY signaling in the NAc of HDID mice particularly the shell might therefore be involved in the reduced ethanol aversion sensitivity of future fragments 016 animals via downstream effects on dopamine, though this will need to be tested directly in the future.

Previous studies of NPY region-specific effects on ethanol intake have been predominantly focused on the CeA and other extended amygdala future fragments 016 [ 15 ][ 22 ][ 37 ]. Future fragments 016 on this literature, the putative role of NPY in altering ethanol drinking has been as an anxiolytic neuropeptide: It should be noted that a correlated response to selection indicates a genetic correlation and future fragments 016 show that the correlated trait directly influences the selection phenotype.

While the present findings are highly suggestive of a link between NPY and binge-like drinking in the HDID mice, future experiments will be needed to determine whether direct manipulation of the NPY system can differentially alter ethanol drinking in the HDID and HS lines, as well as whether these future fragments 016 are specific to ethanol.

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